About Us

We believe in the new, always the newest. We always wanted different and high quality. We´ve always caught it. We have presented to our friends the most beautiful, the most special and the most different. We have worked with our rich and elite collections in order to have the most special happiness in our special moments. We are working. We will try. As Sharbet, we have always added our difference to life and we will continue to add.


All the eyes will be on you with our COLLECTION that we have created for you. Your beauty will be talked on the nights you participate.  Enjoy with your loved ones! You can reach the most elegant, special evening dresses and evening dresses. Istanbul, Dream, Rainbow, such as the most preferred night dresses, evening dress models at sharbet.com.tr


It is an invaluable feeling to be with your loved ones on special days of your life and to share those moments. As a lady, even if you like yourself on special occasions, you will get a real note when you like yourself. Your clothes, make-up and your own style should attract yourself before the other person. Underlining this point with the clothing models, Sharbet knows how glamorous a lady can be if she wants to. The company officials say that the products they create are just an auxiliary element to the beauty of women, and they remind us not only with special concepts but also with the concepts that every woman should experience a sense of property at all times. This idea, which started from a 20 square meter boutique in Elbistan in 1984, is a Sharbet which has become a brand in the world.

The founders of Sharbet have stated that they have been producing night dresses in the sector for 30 years, and therefore they know their wishes well. When you enter Sharbet.com.tr, the online shop of Sharbet, you will be able to see beautiful concepts of the company. Birthday, dinner organizations, weddings, parties, such as the place you can wear easily anywhere you want to wear the web site you can see the finest details. The company´s products are sold at reasonable prices, with each of their concepts different from each other. Moreover, the payment advantages are called credit card installments and scores.


You can spend your time exclusively for the Dream and Hellenistic concepts we choose for you at Sharbet.com.tr. The dream concept is one of these evening dress models with hanging models and Spanish fashion will inspire you. In the Hellenistic concept, monochrome models and silver tones are remarkable. If you can not find what you are looking for between these two concepts, you will find a suitable model in other concepts. The night dresses, which are produced according to the tastes of each lady and the destination, are prepared by taking into consideration the fashion tastes and the situation of the place. If you want to feel more special than the ladies on your special day, we suggest you choose a dress that you can say hisset That´s it Eğer while you look at yourself in the mirror. Every woman is beautiful, of course. But they need experts like Sharbet to unleash it.