How to choose the appropriate evening gown for your body type?

How to choose the appropriate evening gown for your body type?

Summer is coming, you can get any time an invitation for an alfresco wedding or an open air organization. Meanwhile young ladies are excited for graduations. So have you decided what to wear for these special days?

The evening gowns, which are appropriate for the energy of spring and slowly warming weather, are waiting for you at Sharbet´s special collection!

You can find the latest fashion evening gowns models that are suitable for any body size at Sharbet.

Do you know what type of dress fits your body the best?

Women who have thick waist and same extend hip, don’t be sad because Sharbet´s V-neck evening gowns will make your body look curvy than it actually is. Those who have this kind of body type which is also called as "apple shaped" are mostly owing wide shoulders which make them look good in V-neck dresses.

If your upper body is thin, hip and down part of your legs are wide, you should prefer those models which are tighten your waist and loosen on your hips. If you have this type of body which is called "pear shaped", it means you have an elegant look thanks to your small breasts and narrow shoulders. Full skirts which camouflage down part of body that is larger in contrast of upper body, will give you a more energetic air.

If you own a body type that resembles of hourglass shape (thin waist, large breasts, and wide hips), we would recommend you fish cut gown dresses that point out your waist. Dresses that stick till your hips and getting full through down sides of the body would look great on you.

Women who have rectangular body shape! (Wide shoulders, straight waist and long legs) You will look very chic and elegant with strapless and straps dresses.

Oversize Sharbet dresses are such design wonders! Elegancy of a woman could only be highlighted by this way. You will definitely find a model in Sharbet dress collections that will satisfy your taste!