Spotty Evening Gown Dresses

Spotty Evening Gown Dresses

In every period, spots have always been favorite of fashion. Moreover, the famous French fashion designer, Christian Dior emphasized the importance of this sympathetic pattern by saying “Spot is like an open check; it provides attractiveness, grace, convenience and it always stays fashionable”.

Minnie Mouse, who is a pretty character of the cartoon movie Mickey Mouse, marked a time of conquering the hearts of children, with her spotty dress. The spots also showed the presence on the clothes of attractive women like Marilyn Monroe. The spotty swimsuit of Norma Smallwood, who was selected Miss America at the beauty contest in 1926, still keeps its freshness in memory today. In 1951, Marilyn Monroe was engraved on everyone’s mind with her iconic spotty swimsuit.

Who can forget the elegance of Julia Roberts wearing her brown dress with white spots and white hat in Pretty Woman?

Although women´s effeminacy armor tends to be simpler even more masculine time to time, the designers find a way each time to get back to their own self. The essence of the matter is to wear elegant, fragile and highly female forms as in Sharbet dresses.

If you think that the spotty dresses hit the dance floors only in 60s, you are wrong. While our designers use the spotty pattern on the dresses of Sharbet Abiye, they managed to highlight symbolic elegance and femininity in the light of these iconic points.

This year, many famous brands - Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Prada, Moschino and Celine - have used a lot of spots.

Let’s get rid of the boringness and enjoy the madness of spot.