The ways to look thinner than you are

The ways to look thinner than you are

In the Sharbet collection, which possesses gauzy evening dresses that are suitable for the rhythm and dynamism of the summer months, you can find models that are suitable for every style and body type. But if you still want to look slimmer than you are, you need to cover up the areas you want to look thinner.

The experts define the ideal dress cut as the one that “fits on the narrowest part and then expanding models." So, it means that you need to cover up the areas you would like to hide or you would like to make it look thinner. Also, more stitches on the dress rather than large pieces of fabric, makes the body look more shaped. If you wear a two-piece outfit, make sure that the upper part is dark. The same color combinations also make you look always thinner.

One colored and non-sheath clothes are also a good choice to look slimmer. If you have overweight, we would recommend you to wear classic trouser models with front crease line.

If your body lines are not proportionated, keep the patterns that have lines and figures for your upper part, in this way you can make your body look more proportionated. 

Polyester and lycra fabrics stick on you and reveal your extra weight. You should prefer satin or chiffon draped fabrics instead. You should also be careful about the patterned fabrics to not have very large and very small patterns. The experts say that medium-sized patterns make the body look thinner.

Black is the best choice to hide excess weight. But it is important to remember that brown, dark blue and dark gray tones also make you look thinner.

Regardless of your size, wrap, asymmetric cut; with mini, midi and maxi length evening dresses, you can turn your summer night invitations into a fairy tale! The dresses that are suitable for every size with the most popular designs and colors of the season are in Sharbet!