Fall-Winter 2019/2020 Night Dress Color Trends

Fall-Winter 2019/2020 Night Dress Color Trends

The Pantone Color Institute, the global authority of color, announced the main fashion color trends of the fall-winter 2019/2020. The color report composed of striking tones ranging from the soft transition gray to the ambitious black lovers, to the assertive and daring look of pepper red, will seem to satisfy those who like to attract attention with their style.

The mustard color among the season´s trends wakes up the summer sensation, while the light brown that contains peach tones, is named Hazel in the report, reflects the spirit of autumn.

The Merlot tone that will bring warmth to the cooling air; could be described as dark red which turns into a slightly brown tone.

The dark claret red which is a slightly cooler tone than Merlot, is one of the fashionable colors of the season. The red is still among the indispensable of the season; it takes a place in the report as a little orangish and is named Summer Fig. Apparently, the designers will carry the energy of the summer to the fall and to the winter.

Continuing with warm colors, The Peach Color differs from fiery red tones in its slightly softer form.

Another shade of peach color is slightly pink. This shade, which is also close to pinkish-white, will be preferred by those who like soft and simple tones.

Crabapple, which blends orange and pink with warm tones of the sun, will especially attract the attention of young ladies with its naive appearance.

You can carry the endless energy of summer to winter with orange because the orange has taken its place among the trend colors of the next season. The autumn can not be imagined without yellow, but yellow like how? The yellow in the report is called Green Olive. A yellow-green is a hue that resembles the yellow of green olives…

The cranberry red, which is a mixture of soft red and pink, is a very feminine and attractive color shade. Bright Green, inspired by the color of a tropical bird, has also taken its place among the 2019-2020 color trends.

Purple but light purple, even slightly grayish purple is among the fashion colors of this season. Ecru, which the designers can not give up in the simplicity, is also included in the Pantone Color Institute´s color report. These colors identified with softness and elegance are quite suitable for the romance of the autumn and the winter.