Our biggest night dress reference, your elegance!

Our biggest night dress reference, your elegance!

Make room in your closet for Sharbet dresses for a feminine and noble style! Innovative, confident, stylish and elegant women´s address Sharbet evening gown dress models reflect the pure and beautiful. Forms that exalt with great patterns, fairy-tale dresses and silhouettes embracing dream gardens bring the most powerful trump of autumn with romance to the women of season.

Our designs which have been designed in different forms all the time, with sequins, complementary pieces, shoulder details, slits and asymmetrical cuts will cheer your invitations in a completely different energy.

Sharbet evening dresses consist of comfortable and light collections which have been designed considering you to move freely besides its elegance. You will feel free thanks to our carefully prepared patterns. Regardless of your size, you will be able to experience your night in both stylish and comfortable models. All you need is energy and self-confidence; our evening gown dresses which are away from exaggeration, chaos and lots of accessories will provide you this comfort.

Bead embroidered tulle dresses, laced-lace models, light sequin fabrics, organzas turn into a visual feast in the hands of our designers to the form of Sharbet´s magnificent collection. With our models, you will be the most elegant and beautiful guest of the night while capturing simple yet impressive elegance. For those who can not give up the irresistible dignity of simplicity, our simple models will make you look stronger than you are.

Make a room for it in your closet because Sharbet has taken over every aspect of evening dress fashion. Sharbet, the indispensable brand of invitations such as wedding, engagement, henna night or graduation prom, is in İstanbul Laleli Store with a rich variety evening dresses.